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Take 25% Off Listings in Honour of Indie Friday

Are you looking for ways to reach new customers? To stay in touch with current buyers? If you're keen to get more people interested in your products this offer is for you. Promote Your Business for Less In honour of the colourful Indie Friday campaign I'm offering a 25% discount on all business listings in the Card & Gift Network directory. (more…)
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Get a Discount on Christmas Gift Guide Ad Spaces

Do you want to have a long list of sales to consumers this Christmas? If you sell direct to the public, either on your own site or via a marketplace like NOTHS or Etsy this offer is for you! Promote Your Products for Less this Holiday Season For Christmas 2017 we're doing something a little different at Card & Gift Network. This year I'm publishing our own Gift Guide for consumers. (more…)
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Coming Soon! eCommerce Website Reviews

Do you need your website to bring more sales? If you have an eCommerce website that's not doing as well as you'd like this offer is for you!   Introducing the eCommerce Website Review! Before you can start making improvements to any eCommerce website you have to take a good look at what's already there. The eCommerce website review is designed to audit existing eCommerce websites, spotting positive and negative aspects that will have an effect on the level of sales the website generates. (more…)
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