Pemberly Fox provides all sorts of discerning clients with a very personal and bespoke printing service. The company was founded in 2014 and is now growing in reputation as well as in terms of its online presence. Part of the ethos of Pemberly Fox is to encourage designers, illustrators, artists of all ages, walks of life and specific skill sets to ake part in collaborations with us and turn their design or idea, whatever that may be into some kind of greeting card design. Pemberly Fox does not just focus on greeting cards, although this becoming more and more relevant the more we discover new talent, but we also try and apply supplied designs to other elements of the stationery business too.

The business was founded by four individuals who have years of experience in the luxury stationery business and as such we are very particular as to the designs and print methods that we use as well as the materials that we choose to print on. Predominantly, our paper selections come from the colorplan range and we have a range of print techniques available to us, from standard digital printing right through to Dies Stamping or engraving as it is more commonly known.


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